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Density Treatments For Longer Hair

This is for Clients with thinning longer hair that want to achieve the overall appearance of fuller hair by adding more density.
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Low Cut Look For Thinning Hair

This service is provided for the initial procedure provided by Clean Slate Scalp Ink. This is for Clients that would like a fuller look while maintaining a low haircut

Density For Existing Hair Transplant

This service makes and existing hair transplant fuller adding more density and cleaning up the “doll hair” hairline. We can also cover scarring from FUE and FUT procedures.

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Scars, Scar, Smp, Scalp micropigmentation
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Scalp Micropigmentation, Hair Thinning, women with smp , women with hair thinning
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Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Correction
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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Client’s individual needs have to be assessed. Please Contact Us or upload you pics for a FREE Consultation!
Clean Slate Scalp Ink uses only top of the line, industry-specific ink. It will not turn blue or green. Another common cause of discoloration is poor technique – going too dark with the pigment or too deep with the needle. We don’t do either.
Scalp micropigmentation is not as deep as a traditional tattoo, so no, it’s not as aggressive.
Your hair follicles are the tone we are going to match, not your hair color. Our goal is to make it look like a very short haircut. In other words, a shadow on your head. So, you’ll keep your hair short.
Typically you’ll go one week in between sessions. You can wait longer and you won’t look bad, but keeping regularly scheduled sessions improve results. Each session will make your “hair” look fuller.

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I previously had done a hair transplant and wasn’t pleased with the results so I did 4 sessions with Chris and was very satisfied. He was able to give me a good density and natural looking hairline.


  – Karl T

I am a female in my 20s who has always had thin hair. I’ve always been insecure as my hair is dark which makes my scalp more noticeable. They are professional and informed me of everything to expect, while also being friendly and making me feel welcomed. I received 3 total sessions and love the results. Chris was the artist who did my hair and he took his time and was thorough with his work. You can tell Chris cares about you being happy with your results. I highly recommend going here to any one who struggles with thin hair like me and wants to feel confident again!



I had been bald for many years and was pretty skeptical. Chris explained the process, and that the final look could be very natural looking. I decide to try and I am so happy with the results. It is a huge boost to your confidence and self-esteem. My final look is very natural with no hard lines. Great job Chris! The shop is clean the service is great they make you comfortable through the process. If you think your bald as there is nothing you can do I would recommend you look into this!